Our company was founded by a group of professionals with vast experience in international biobanking (hardware and software integration), academic and commercial research environments, preclinical/clinical trials management and data analytics. Our successful experience, knowledge and commitment led us to create tailored solutions for the biotech industry to advance research.  

We partner with research organizations all over the globe to improve the quality of research and expedite drug discovery. Our specialized solutions include: 

Providing researchers with access to ethically sourced biomaterials for the development of novel pharmacological solutions. Global biobanking and biomaterial procurement projects are handled by members of our staff in the USA, India and Russia. 

Recent development of whole slide scanning technology and consequent efficiency of storing such data in the cloud has resulted in various institutions adopting virtual biobanking solutions. With such a network, a digital scan of a slide can be evaluated by multiple professionals with ease improving diagnostic accuracy. Such a platform can also be used for building metadata resources for consulting, training and research purposes based on large libraries of slide scans from patients with various health conditions.

We provide full solutions to track and manage your clinical trials. Our global member network can also be reached to assist in designing clinical trial studies.